Thanks to various relationships with Universities and Research centers at an international level and the activities carried out in collaboration with companies and associations at the Italian level, C.G.S. has contributed over the years to the presentation and management of many funded projects and initiatives.

C.G.S. has participated and still participates successfully in projects financed at:

    • European level (for example in the H2020, LIFE, Erasmus programmes);
    • National level (for example calls from Italian Ministries, projects in the social field, support actions for SMEs);
    • Regional level (for example POR CREO FESR projects, PSR EAFRD, calls for innovation of the Tuscany Region).


C.G.S. has taken part in these projects sometimes directly as partner and beneficiary of research funding, sometimes providing external support to the beneficiaries of the project. The main services provided by C.G.S. as an external assistant are:

    • preliminary meeting and check up of the project idea;
    • support for the creation of international project partnerships;
    • search for specific calls and support for writing the proposal and preparing the documentation for participation in the call;
    • support for the management and general coordination of the project;
    • support for administrative and financial reporting activities of the project;
    • support for the dissemination and organisation of dissemination events for the promotion of the project at local, national and international level.

C.G.S. has supported over the years various companies and various research institutions in participating in these calls, achieving various successes in various fields and collaborating in the development of solutions and technologies valid both from the technical and environmental point of view and from the economic one.


If you have an idea and are looking for funding opportunities or support in creating a partnership or a proposal, contact us for an informal meeting. We will be happy to listen to you and try to help you.