C.G.S. offers its customers an all-round event organization service, starting from the development of the event concept and the selection of locations to registrations managing and the selection of services for caterings and coffee breaks.

C.G.S. is able to organize and promote events of different type and duration and targeted for different contexts, with a national and international range of action. At national level, thanks to the 30-years experience gained in the field of financed initiatives, C.G.S. mainly provides services for the organization of dissemination events of projects. In addition to generic events, open to generic audience, C.G.S. is specialized also in the organization of workshops and training courses. Furthermore, in recent years C.G.S. has organized and promoted several international scientific conferences (in particular in the field of hydrogen research, with the Hypothesis series), obtaining the participation of authoritative researchers and scientists and the presentation of  papers from all over the world.


About the organization of events, C.G.S. can offer the following services:

  • participation in the development of the event idea and final concept;
  • selection and management of the locations;
  • scheduling of the agenda of the event;
  • promotion of the event through generic or targeted campaigns (for example towards associations or categories of specific subjects);
  • collection of registrations and management of secretarial activities;
  • predisposition of websites, social pages and advertising material (posters, gadgets, etc.) specific to the event;
  • welcoming of participants and related activities;
  • selection and management of services for caterings and coffee breaks;
  • management of post-event relations (for example issue of participation certificates);
  • organization of press conferences and management of relations with the press and television.

C.G.S. also offers the management of events to be held both exclusively online and in hybrid form (i.e. organization of a physical event in which other subjects can partcipate also via remote connection).